My Time To Speak

I have kept my mouth shut for couple months now. I really have not spoke out about things that have happened since February. I feel like at this time I need to speak my side of story and let it go.

At the Transgendered Erotica Awards in February I came out like I do every year and opened the show with an improve moment then we started the show. The next day I was informed by numerous people that Chelsea Poe decided to spread rumors that I insulted and attacked her personally on stage. I even had people from the queer community messaging me asking if I said that. I dont follow her on Twitter so I dont see her shit. So here I am going to clear the shit…

I basically said in 2014 we learned that the word Tranny is no longer allowed to be said. Some people will say I was pointing that towards Poe (because of her crazy antics to get porn to lose the words tranny,shemale.) but it wasn’t. Prior to going on stage, I dont prepare anything I am going to say. I just wing it. JuJubee and I were talking about Rupauls Drag Race and the whole drama with the word Tranny and She-Mail on the show. So when I came out and said what I said it was directed towards Rupauls Drag Race, that was bigger than Poe. Majority of people that night dont even know who she is. So why would I exploit her even more?

Every time I write something Poe likes to take things I say out of context but wont post links to my blogs so people can read in full context. Just as she did about the awards. For weeks later I got attacks on social media from queer individuals, some were even threats to kill me. How does that show a community of individuals? They are so political about what we can or cant say but choose to attack and send threats to me. I have stated over and over I have no issues with terms or labels, we need them in porn.

Poe has stated numerous of times terms like Shemale and Tranny are offensive because they are used to trans women when they are being attacked by hate attacks on them. Well I have never publicly spoke about my past. I was raped, beat up and attacked for being trans, and never once was I called a Shemale or Tranny, most cis straight people dont even know those terms. I was called a Fag! That is the term used most towards trans women when being attacked. I dont use what happened to me to make me hate people. I have moved on with my life and lived an amazing 15 years fully as a trans woman.

Since Poe and Courtney Trouble and the clan, just like the KKK a cult, decided to tell lies about who I am and what I am I have lost work. Meaning we have lost shoots with guys once they were told about how horrible of a person I am to work for. Which everyone who has worked with me knows I am professional and love what I do.

All over words, I have been demeaned and threaten because I dont live in a country where I am not allowed to say what I want. Where has things gone? Why am I a monster because I dont believe the same as you? When was I suppose to be this or that? I am not. I am not out spreading lies as publicity stunt. I rarely speak about things unless its my work. But get to know who I am, not what people say about me, because majority of what they say isnt true. I support the trans community, I support trans rights and I support trans porn in all aspects. But we as trans people need to fight for real rights, not what words people can say. We need to stop these kids from killing themselves, we need to stop homlessness in the trans community and we need to get equal rights! Time to fight for the real causes not the petty ones!

I Sign on with

ts-michelleaustin3-solo-039CYBERSPACE—Award-winning adult performer Michelle Austin, also known as “The Voluptuous Diva”, has joined She follows hot on the heels of other well-known transgender porn stars who appear on the site. Top names like Nadia, Bailey Jay Granger and Sunshyne Monroe perform live on the all T-girl lifestyle adult site on a regular basis, and Michelle Austin will be performing her own live shows as well. She will also write fortnightly blogs for Shemale’s blog pages and monthly articles for the site’s lifestyle magazine.

Austin has been working in the adult industry for the past four years. The performer, who calls herself the first BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) porn star in the adult world, has been nominated for a few of her roles over the years. She won her first award in the Transgender Erotica Awards (formerly known as the Tranny Awards) in the “Voluptuous Diva” category in 2013 and again this year..

In addition to performing, the versatile Austin also produces most of her own content. As the first transsexual BBW adult star, she has helped to show consumers of transsexual porn that beauty comes in all sizes..

“I love to direct, produce and edit adult films for myself and for others,” Austin said. “There is not a lot of material out there for big, beautiful women, so I decided to write my own! I didn’t have an easy start in adult because there were no BBWs before me and most directors want thinner performers. That has changed now and I’m happy I was a part of this transformation!”. features live webcam hosts, exclusive videos, live chat shows and articles that showcase TS porn stars, and a magazine full of articles about the transgender lifestyle. For fans, it’s a place to get to know the personalities behind the TS erotica they enjoy..

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Issues and I Must Vent

First off let me say this is my first real blog in a long time. I never really say public things because I dont feel it needs to be put out in my work. But since this person (Chelsea Poe) felt the need to talk about me on her blog, Im going to come back at her with the facts and not cowardly do it either.

I wanna say I loved Queer porn, the minute I seen the scene with Wolf Hudson and James Darling. It opened my mind to a whole new world that I had lot of respect for. I felt like they accepted anyone and they were so artistic. I loved what Courtney Trouble had over at QueerPorn.TV. I started watching more and admiring it all. I never knew the politics of porn and didnt really view queer porn for the politics, I viewed it for the artistic love. I also love so many queer people when they are not pushing their agenda down peoples throat.

A few years ago I got the chance to meet Courtney Trouble and fell in love with her. She was a doll, and a lovely person. We finally got together and did a girl crush scene which is one of my all time favorite scenes and currently can be seen on The Best of Michelle Austin. Courtney was this cute little woman who had an amazing style and was an awesome business woman. I admired her. So earlier this year I decided I wanted to go into her world and shoot some trade content with her and a few other people. I was approached by Chelsea Poe to do a scene with her. I didnt really know who she was but she buttered me up saying she admired my work and loved what I was doing. I wanted different stuff this year and hadnt done a scene with a trans woman since Brittany St. Jordan, so I was game.  I get to Oakland and have three scenes planned with James Darling, Ruckus and Chelsea. My first shoot was with Chelsea, and we were goofing off and having fun before it all happened. So even though it was a trade shoot, the shoot became about Chelsea and this idea that they want to do this dvd (which has been created to Fucking Mystic.). I really had no say in the scene, and when I was to get the scene to have the first part was cut out to set up the scene because it was to be used in Fucking Mystic, because it was to start the movie as a homage to The Craft. So in a way, I agreed to do the shoot and in the end got screwed, and come to find out the scene isnt even on the DVD. Which I am not mad about, but I wasnt allowed the set up because it was going for her movie and thats what happens in trades. Really my ideas for the scene were never heard, I just did what they wanted. That is when I started seeing the real side of Queer Porn.

I was now in their bubble, and started seeing the politics, the talking about other companies they compete with and stuff behind each other’s back. That is when I found out about the whole “They” pronoun. It was all confusing to me. But this world was new to me and I would try to accept their views.

I was excited about them coming to Tranny Awards, we all talked about it, I encouraged Courtney to submit Trans Grrrls into it. Then closer to and at it, I started seeing the shadiness of it, how they had a motive to go to change the name, so in the long run they can claim victory for the change when it would happen. Steven Grooby has publicly said they were not the reason for the change, numerous of times (see on grooby blog).

When things dont go their ways they throw fits, seen that in effect at another award show earlier this year too. So I really started to seeing the true side of Queer Porn. I decided I didnt want to be a part of it. They want to argue for the sake of arguing, they never listen to other people’s sides, only their side is right. Ive brought up over and over how Queer and Dyke are offensive words to majority of gay people. But they will tell u that they are reclaiming the word. So when I say most trans women use the word Tranny as not a mean thing. It never came from a horrible place. But we cant claim it or use it but they can use Queer or Dyke, even though its offensive to many people.

This summer Cheslea and Courtney decided to get into an online fight (which might I add is very tacky) with a famous lesbian pornstar and producer of lesbian porn. They were mad because she would never cast a trans women on her stuff. Which, I sided with. I know many trans women that identify as lesbians which I call transbians or trans lesbian. Have nothing against it. But if I was a lesbian looking for lesbian porn I wouldnt want to see a trans woman or be surprised with one. Same goes for the trans women should be shot on straight porn sites. Which, again feel against because the porn consumer comes to the site looking for something, not a surprise. People know if they want to see a transsexual can look at transsexual porn. Prime example, many of my BBW Pornstar friends (which I have shot with) have approached a few BBW Sites including one of the biggest ones to ask if Michelle could do a scene with them. The company said no, because they didnt want to alienate their consumer. I wasnt offended, nor did I publicly say anything about it or fight them. I showed respect and understood their decision. Problem with Chelsea she doesnt understand when to drop things. If they dont agree with her views then everyone is wrong. And there is where I have an issues.

Lets move on to Fucking Mystic, the dvd that they proudly produced and wanted it marketed as a dvd release that had nothing to say with Trans people on it. In a way to deny who they are and their market. Instead they want to fool people into buying it then getting the surprise. But then rush to release the dvd so it can be nominated for every trans award possible. But dont want it to be marketed as a trans DVD! So why did u nominate it and push so hard to get into trans awards then? Ur a lesbian/dyke woman who wants it seen like that so why put it in trans category? You cant have your cake and eat it too.

Last but not least… I never publicly said anything about anyone (Chelsea or Courtney) I have said my opinion on my Facebook profile which is private with majority of industry insiders no one else. Someone from her camp felt the need to tell her with what I said, which doesnt bother me. So she went an posted this blog about me, even though she didnt say my name and I wish she would of. Because I have no shame. She said reason she didnt was because society wants women to fight against each other. Well, I am not fighting her, im calling her out on her lies. There is a huge different. A few months back maybe a little more, I was told by numerous people she was on her Chaturbate show talking about me. She told people how little my cock is and how I couldnt cum. Basically insulting me to her members watching her. I confronted her and she denied it, so I believed her. Then I started watching her Chaturbate show to see how she really is. She talks about how high she is, she is mean to men on there, I have no clue why men pay her. She is plain rude, and also months later found cis men complaining on boards how rude she was to them or at the Tranny awards. Which I started to notice if you dont live in her bubble she will be mean to. Which comes with her immaturity and own insecurity. These men are the majority of people who buy ur porn. So why insult and be rude to them? I dont get it. After seeing her true colors I decided to delete her off my FB and twitter. I dont want that negativity around me. She is a very negative person. She pushes her agenda on everyone but doesnt listen to anyone else’s side but hers.

Yes I have fought very hard to get where I am in the porn world. Chelsea Poe has been handed it all. People blow smoke up her ass, and say how great she is. She hasnt been in this industry long enough for that. I work for my shit, no one handed it to me. And I have never let my fame or fans blow up my head. The Chelsea I met in January is not the Chelsea I know today. She has let fame and people blowing shit up her ass go to her head. Or maybe its all the god damn weed she smokes! Which is so unbecoming of a lady!

Now Chelsea it is your turn to out me in your blog and make sure u link this blog to your response so people can actually read what I have to say!

Award Season Nominations- Need Your Help

michelleaustin2_blk_060Award season is around the corner and now it is time to nominate your favorites.

  1. Video Release: Best Transsexual Release: Michelle Austin’s Trans Men Adventures. Production Company is Kennston Productions & FTM Fucker. Pick VOD and you have to submit two links here are the two links: (1) 


  2. Body Of Work: Michelle Austin
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  1. Best Transsexual Release: Trans Men Adventures
  2. Best Transsexual Performer of Year: Michelle Austin. You must put in comments put the following: Was in My Transsexual Boss, Michelle Austin’s Trans Men Adventures, The Voluptuous Diva #4. Featured on Shemale.XXX,, and She has updated her site regularly throughout the year at Great body of work this year. Lots of hardcores and solos.
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  1. Best Hardcore Performer: Michelle Austin
  2. Best Grooby girl: Michelle Austin
  3. Best FTM Scene: Dorm Room Fuckup with Michelle Austin & Fritz Von Fuckup
  4. Best DVD Director: James Darling
  5. Best Photographer: Amy Bexxx
  6. Best DVD Release: Michelle Austin’s Trans Men Adventures
  7. Best FTM Performer: James Darling, Parker Reed, Chance Armstrong, or Fritz Von Fuckup
  8. Best Solo Model: Michelle Austin
  9. Best Solo SIte:
  10. Best Scene: Who’s Da Boss? With Michelle Austin and ChristianXXX from

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Trans Men Adventures

My new DVD is Trans Men Adventures! This has been a long time in the making and I am so proud of it. Here is a little part of the review from XCritic read rest here.

Trans Men Adventures is a film by 2013 Tranny Award winner for Voluptuous Diva Michelle Austin. It is directed by James Darling. In this showcase production, Michelle is paired with a fine group of guys with pussies. James Darling is a top-notch performer who deserves more exposure and credit for his amazing work. He is the 2013 Tranny Award winner for Best FTM Performer. Chance Armstrong and Fritz Von Fuckup are 2013 Tranny Award nominees.

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The Voluptuous Diva #4 Review

frontMy The Voluptuous Diva #4 DVD came out in June and can be bought at Shemale-Video-direct. This review is from Apache Warrior from XCritic.

Overview: The Voluptuous Diva 4 is the fourth installment to Michelle Austin’s well-like series. It showcases the 2013 Tranny Award winner for Voluptuous Diva Michelle Austin. A glammed up Michelle happens to be one of the sexiest trannies in the industry. In this film, she has friend Chelsea Poe, all-around performer Christian XXX, and a romantic Ruckus XXX to be her sexual playmates.

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Michelle Returns to Strokers

ts-michelleaustin3-solo-004I returned to Shemale Strokers this week, and I have to say it was amazing. I got to shoot for the first time with Sammy Mancini, the owner and creator of the site. In all three times appearing on site it was my first time with him behind the camera. One of the best times… I love Shemale Strokers, and had a great time doing this solo.


I was on the phone with my girlfriend telling her about this guy who ists-michelleaustin3-solo-024 coming over to fuck me and what we have been talking about doing. While I am talking to her on the phone about it, I am getting horny so I start to touch myself wishing he was there, as I am still telling her all about it on the phone.

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My 2nd shoot on Shemale.XXX

michelleaustin2_blk_009I had a blast shooting for Shemale.XXX, and the fabulous photographer Blackula. This is my second shoot, I am wearing some lace lingerie, and thigh high stockings that or torn a lil. I having fun michelleaustin2_blk_060stripping then stroking my cock till it cums. See this hot scene only on Shemale.XXX.









Red Lingerie

MARedStockings022I love dressing up for my shoots. I was recently in Chicago area and visited a place called Patricia’s in Schaumburg, IL. It’s a local lingerie store that has sex toys and lubes as well. The lady working there was so sweet, and I found some great things in there. These stockings and garters I had bought there. MARedStockings045I wanted to show them off along with my new piercing, which is my cock piercing the Prince Albert. See this hot set only on my site.








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