The Voluptuous Diva #4 Review

front 207x300 The Voluptuous Diva #4 ReviewMy The Voluptuous Diva #4 DVD came out in June and can be bought at Shemale-Video-direct. This review is from Apache Warrior from XCritic.

Overview: The Voluptuous Diva 4 is the fourth installment to Michelle Austin’s well-like series. It showcases the 2013 Tranny Award winner for Voluptuous Diva Michelle Austin. A glammed up Michelle happens to be one of the sexiest trannies in the industry. In this film, she has friend Chelsea Poe, all-around performer Christian XXX, and a romantic Ruckus XXX to be her sexual playmates.

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Michelle Returns to Strokers

ts michelleaustin3 solo 004 200x300 Michelle Returns to StrokersI returned to Shemale Strokers this week, and I have to say it was amazing. I got to shoot for the first time with Sammy Mancini, the owner and creator of the site. In all three times appearing on site it was my first time with him behind the camera. One of the best times… I love Shemale Strokers, and had a great time doing this solo.


I was on the phone with my girlfriend telling her about this guy who ists michelleaustin3 solo 024 200x300 Michelle Returns to Strokers coming over to fuck me and what we have been talking about doing. While I am talking to her on the phone about it, I am getting horny so I start to touch myself wishing he was there, as I am still telling her all about it on the phone.

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michelleaustin 2 200x300 Michelle Returns to Strokers



My 2nd shoot on Shemale.XXX

michelleaustin2 blk 009 200x300 My 2nd shoot on Shemale.XXXI had a blast shooting for Shemale.XXX, and the fabulous photographer Blackula. This is my second shoot, I am wearing some lace lingerie, and thigh high stockings that or torn a lil. I having fun michelleaustin2 blk 060 200x300 My 2nd shoot on Shemale.XXXstripping then stroking my cock till it cums. See this hot scene only on Shemale.XXX.








michelleaustin2 blk 071 1024x682 My 2nd shoot on Shemale.XXX


Red Lingerie

MARedStockings022 200x300 Red LingerieI love dressing up for my shoots. I was recently in Chicago area and visited a place called Patricia’s in Schaumburg, IL. It’s a local lingerie store that has sex toys and lubes as well. The lady working there was so sweet, and I found some great things in there. These stockings and garters I had bought there. MARedStockings045 200x300 Red LingerieI wanted to show them off along with my new piercing, which is my cock piercing the Prince Albert. See this hot set only on my site.







MARedStockings043 1024x682 Red Lingerie


My Debut on Shemale.XXX

michelleaustin1 blk 021 200x300 My Debut on Shemale.XXXIn March I got the chance to shoot for Shemale.XXX for the first time ever. Since entering into porn many sites told me “NO.” I wasnt markatable for that site. Grooby the company that owns Shemale.XXX and Shemale Yum to name a few, have always been good to me. But when Shemale.XXX launched three years ago, I wasn’t their type of girl. Which I understood, and didnt faze me because they put me on Yum. But in February when Steven (the owner of Grooby), offered me some shoots, he told me I could shoot with Blackula, who does a lot of their Shemale.XXX shoots. I love Blackula’s work and was so thrilled to work with him and finally debut on XXX.


The shoot was one of the funniest and easy shoots I have ever done. It was so relaxed and Blackula is michelleaustin1 blk 103 200x300 My Debut on Shemale.XXXso professional and amazing at what he shoots. I was just so thrilled to be in front of his lense. So for the first time ever, in my four years of my porn career I feel like people are taking me into consideration. I hope it brings many more great shoots in the near future. Please head over to Shemale.XXX and see this hot shoot and many more amazing shoots of the world’s most beautiful transsexuals.

michelleaustin1 blk 086 1024x682 My Debut on Shemale.XXX


Erotic Story: A New Type of Fan

AmyBexxxrealness 300x199 Erotic Story: A New Type of FanI had an awesome Cam4 Super Show last night and what was even cooler, a guy became a Gold Member (meaning paying), so he could talk to me. He was actually very sweet and charming. He had told me he was a fan off Xhamster and wanted to see me in the flesh and talk to me. He did, and what I found out was, that he writes Erotic Stories… I told him, if you write one about me, I will post it on my blog. And here it is… I think it is so hot. It is inspired by my cam show!

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Story by NYCBC71

Michelle Austin was on her cam, chatting with her fans. She was having a good time chatting with those in her Gold Chat.  Her height of 5’6” was even made taller by her 3 inch heels. She walked around the cam, showing off her 40D chest to her audience.  Michelle’s 40-34-42 figure is a sight to behold. She had some time left to use, so she jumped onto the chair and spread her legs. Her 5 inch thick cut clit was saluting the camera as she started to rub it back and forth .
The Gold fans were typing to her & she was replying to all. She told them she was from Texas and love interacting with her fans.  A new fan message blinked on her screen. Michelle looked and waved to the new person in the group.  “Hi there honey”, said Michelle in her sexiest Texas drawl.   The new fan replied: “Hi, Ms. Austin. It’s so nice to see u in the flesh. I’m pretty nervous around celebrities. I joined this Gold Chat to finally get to chat with you.”  Michelle smiled and blew a kiss to the cam, stroking her clit even faster. “Do you like what you see, darling?”

The new fan smiled: “Wow, you are so sexy! Can I show you something?”  Michelle smiled & punched up his cam.  The fan was a black male, smooth bald head and wearing glasses. His brown eyes looked very inviting to Michelle. “You are a cutie, honey. Don’t be nervous, baby. I will take good care of ya”, cooed Michelle with her sexy voice. The fan waved & just stared at her sexy full body.
Michelle stared into his eyes and swore she noticed a faint glow on the screen. Suddenly, a warm feeling coursed through her body. Her pink nipples felt like they were being sucked on.  She lets out a moan as she feels her thick creamy thighs open wider and a tongue probe her sweet asshole.  She looked around her hotel room & saw no one; nipples were being sucked harder now. The fan’s eyes start to glow a bright red as Michelle throws her head back into the chair, blonde hair with tan highlights flow across her shoulders.
Michelle starts to stroke her clit faster now, nipples sticking out from her body. Asshole is all wet & oozes out white cream. She moans louder as her clit gets touched on the underside. “Oh my gosh! What is going on here? Ohhhhh…” Michelle can’t control herself as the warm energy envelopes her.  Her 40D breasts are now bouncing up & down, nipples still being licked and sucked on. Her clit is starting to leak pre-cum and she strokes it faster.
Michelle’s hips buck up on the chair as  the warm energy rubs her open thighs. She looks down and sees her hard clit being stroked even faster. Her hand is there but she feels another one helping her caress her clit. Nipples now are licked and Michelle starts to moan.
“I’m cumming…ohh shiittt!!!”   Michelle leans back, mouth opens with her pink big tongue sticking out.  Her clit explodes, squirting 5 hot long loads of cum all over her tits, neck, and stomach.  The warm energy finally leaves her body, making her squirt one last time all over her hands and wrists.  “Holy shit! That was awesome!”  Michelle slowly moves her legs down off the chair.
She looks at her screen and sees the new fan smile; eyes glow a faint red. Michelle looks for his name on the screen. The name A NEW FAN displays on screen. Her eyes open wide at this.  His location comes up as New York City. Michelle waves at the screen, blowing a kiss. She wonders how this happened and wants to find this person. She feels the warmth kiss her neck as she sees the new fan blow a kiss at her the same time. “Darling, I’m coming to New York soon & I want some answers from u”, purrs Michelle.  The fan smiles, winks and replies: “ I will be waiting for you, Ms. Austin. You know where to find me.”



Voluptuous Diva Award

MAVDAward012 200x300 Voluptuous Diva AwardI had won my very first Tranny Award last month and I wanted to do a shoot with it. This is my Voluptuous Diva award, and I wanted to show it off. I had to have a little fun with my prized possession. Watch as I have a little fun before I exploded onto the actual award. See this hot set only on my site.MAVDAward036 200x300 Voluptuous Diva Award






MAVDAward044 1024x575 Voluptuous Diva Award


The Red Dress

MARedDressMarch006 200x300 The Red DressI love playing dress up and this is a dress that one of my amazing fans bought off my wishlist. So I had to show it off and wear it in a set. Which is something I do with all the things that people buy me on my wishlist. Watch as I stroke my cock, and play with myself before blowing a hot load for you! See this set only on my website.MARedDressMarch061 200x300 The Red Dress







MARedDressMarch075 1024x575 The Red Dress


A Chance Workout

MAChanceMichelle148 200x300 A Chance WorkoutI am so excited about this hot new scene with me and FTM Tranny Award Nominee Chance Armstrong. I have always wanted to shoot with an FTM and have done two this new year and this is the first scene to be released. It will also be included on my DVD I am releasing later this summer Michelle Austin does the Trans Man! Enjoy! See this hot set only on my site.MAChanceMichelle118 300x266 A Chance Workout







MAChanceMichelle162 1024x682 A Chance Workout


Mr. Angel- Buck Angel Documentary

MrAngel Mr. Angel  Buck Angel DocumentaryI just finished watching Buck Angel’s Mr. Angel documentary on Netflix. It is directed by Dan Hunt and I have to say it was great to watch. The reason I decided to go watch it now, is seeing Buck posting people’s letters to him on his Facebook. I have also been interested in trans men since I met one early on in my own transition. I felt a connection to him, and felt like we shared a lot of the same things. I would never see him again but from then on, always wanted to meet a trans man. I have heard of Buck before I ever got into porn and loved what I had seen of his work. But his work is the only trans man stuff I had ever seen in porn. Then the first year I got into porn, I had stumbled onto a scene from Queer Porn TV, with James Darling and Wolf Hudson. The scene blew me away, I bought a membership to the site and had to review it on my talk show I had. Which got back to James and there was my first interaction with a trans man that was in porn. The attraction was so big in my head, that I knew one day I wanted to do a scene with James. Well three years later I got that chance in January and it has changed my take on porn.

Your wondering why I am talking about all that and not about Buck Angel and his documentary. Well, I think people need a little back story on what brought me to wanting to watch this movie. Today, I posted a video trailer from a scene I shot with Chance Armstrong, another FTM pornstar, that is being released on my site. I wanted to push the attention on it before it comes out. I throw the trailer up on my Xhamster account and within hours it has had more that 3,000 views. Mind you my videos get a lot of traffic there, and a lot of people comment and like the videos. This video has yet to have a comment. I started thinking, FTM porn is still so new. Most people don’t know what it is. I think they see two trans people fucking but I as a trans woman with a penis and Chance a trans man with a vagina. It has fucked with someone people’s heads. I wish more people would see this kinda porn. So with Buck paving the way for performers like James Darling and Chance Armstrong and so many other men to be seen on film having sex is so beautiful.

Now to Mr. Angel… Watching the movie I was just happy to see Buck being so honest and real through it. Seeing him tear up at events in his life, that to this day still make him tear up was so plesant. Seeing his transformation, his journey and to see his love of his body too. In a lot of ways Buck and I have parallel lives. Even my life partner/husband said same thing after watching it. Seeing how much Buck didn’t want the bottom surgery, neither do I. Seeing him say I love my vagina and my body, as do I with my penis and body. Also the struggles he had with his family are a lot like mine. When I transitioned I moved away from my family and had very little contact for three years. Till I was ready to tell them when I was ready with my transition to show them. Buck did the same thing. His journey through porn and making a name for himself is a lot of ways the same for me. Being that I was the BBW Trans star most people wont shoot me. So I have had to make my own porn and sell, just as Buck has.

The documentary is a must see because I think more men and women in America and all over need to see the love he has and the true man behind the star. I think more people will be more open to trans people after watching this documentary. If not be more educated on the issues. Hearing how he doesn’t want to be considered an oddity and how it hurts to know his dad thinks of him that way. The same way my father does. But to see Buck’s family accept him and love him is what makes this documentary even more refreshing. So many trans people’s families abandon them and have no contact with them. I am blessed to have a loving family as Buck has. You get to see that through this movie and its touching. You don’t have to be trans, or gay to watch this. But this movie will help open your eyes to the bigger world of trans, than just trans women. It will also show you that all of us trans men and women have the same struggles and issues.

Thank you Buck Angel, for being you and doing so many great things in the porn world and for other people to follow in your footsteps. Your documentary is very well done and shows us all how great of a world we would live in if more people just loved everyone for being a human and not what we label ourselves as. More trans documentaries need to be produced so more people can see us all in a positive light. I give this documentary a big thumbs and cock up for Mr. Angel! LOL Now go watch it on Netflix!

The Voluptuous Diva